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MESLO Egypt & North Africa is a private company in the field of scientific and laboratory equipment. Established in 1991 with a primary objective of representing a number of internationally renowned companies/manufacturers of scientific and laboratory equipment to offer the best possible services to the local and regional markets, MESLO has managed to acquire both an impressive list of representation contracts, and has also built a distinguished client list

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GC and GC-MS Evolution Enables Greater Uptime and Efficiency

Analytical testing laboratories across a variety of sectors, including food, environmental, industrial and pharma, can now meet their ever-increasing efficiency and productivity needs with a collection of new Thermo Scientific™ gas chromatography (GC) and GC-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) instruments offering innovative hardware and software updates.

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We are proud to work with few of the biggest companies in the world, some of our partnerships are the result of long-term relationships.

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MESLO Egypt offers you a vast range of scientific and laboratory equipment covered by the best possible services.

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